First Initial Pitch

A teenage girl got moved to a new school in a new city where everyone living in there knows everyone and they get on your business. She’s moved there because the town she lived in was burned down. So people that survived got divided into 4 different sections according to the part of town they lived in and sent to another city. One of her friends didn’t survive but 2 of her friends did but their not in the same section. In her new city, she wasn’t allowed certain things such as her mobile phone, laptop or any electronic devices. They weren’t allowed to say mean things to other people. Before she’s allowed to join the other teenagers, she was taken to a small clinic and injected some kind of drug. The girl observed that the little kids are very happy all the time, their smiles don’t wipe off their faces and she had never seen one cry. When she finds children arguing, one will surrender and say “okay, I forgive you, I’m not mad at you…” and they’d go off and play happily. She finds it odd because in her old town, they’re not as happy as they are. She also observes that the adults are keeping a secret behind them because every time the adults talk to each other, they do it in low voices and with menacing looks. She meets a boy (about a year older than her) who basically lived all his life in that city. She thought she could trust him so she tells him everything that she had been noticing. But it turns out that he can’t be trusted because the adults had manipulated him and injected some drug into his body so he could not remember what had happened to his brother’s tragic death a few years ago.

My target audience will be teenagers/young adults. I planned my idea to be a horror romance dystopian film. Putting a creepy atmosphere around the adults when they whisper to each other and flashbacks of the brother’s tragic death; the chemistry between the guy and the girl. Because there will be a really happy atmosphere around the children/young adults- I would like too use bright lighting when they are being showed in the trailer and laughter as sound effects and then when adults are being shown with menacing looks, I would like to use a darker lighting (maybe film it at night) and then really short dialogues.


From my survey that I sent to 10 people for them to answer, I found out that majority of the people likes the Romance and Horror film genre. They preferred a female protagonist (which I already have had in my concept). These new information helped me (and my group) develop our concept even more to suit our target audience. By merging mine and Natasha’s ideas together because she had a lot of horror conventions in her concept.

We decided that: in the year 1738, a city called “Mincer City” got burned  and covered by ashes from a ‘volcano eruption.’ A new city named “Churroguay” then was built over it. The story starts with a girl (named Tia Guay) and she moved to Churroguay because her old city called Suhnila got burned down…  So people from her old city got split into 4 different sections and sent into 4 different cities away from each other. In Churroguay, she started noticing all these way too happy atmosphere from the young adults and children and creepy, menacing vibes from the adults that had lived there all their lives. She meets a boy named Sam. Tia thought she could trust him so  she told him everything she had been noticing. One night, she was walking alone along the footpath when suddenly she was grabbed by the leg causing her to fall down and get knocked out. She wakes up in her bed the next morning. She found out that the guy had told the adults what she told him. Turns out, he can’t be trusted because he had been manipulated to forget what he had witnessed before- the death of his brother (Because his brother told him what he had been noticing). So Tia is on the journey to find out how to get back the guy’s memories and figure out how to stop the curse, that had been happening every month – (A death of a teenager by the bad spirits that died in Mincer City)


2 thoughts on “Concept

  1. You would be better to drop the reference to romance – it would be too hard to make a romance dystopian horror film. Yo would be better to say dystopian with elements of horror to appeal to target audience.


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